We do not send unqualified, low quality resumes that lack the experience or skills you require. ASK IT Consulting's ratio of resumes viewed by clients prior to placement is approximately 3-4.

We gain a detailed brief from you in the first meeting/Call and provide an Assignment Brief to you before proceeding so that we have a complete understanding of the role and the person you require. We regularly conduct industry research in order to best understand client needs.

We often arrange particular times of the day outside of hours to communicate to you on the assignment progress whether it is by telephone to or from work, or breakfast meetings.


Each of our consultants is responsible for all aspects of the recruitment process. We do not employ account managers to source orders from clients. Our consultants work with you from start to finish ensuring the candidates they present to match the brief given by you.

Our team of consultants shares a common database of over 50,000 candidates from a wide variety of industry backgrounds. Our resourcing team Speaks with consultants daily to gain a full outline of the person required to fill the role and to discuss potential candidates.

At our regular sales meetings, all staff are updated with current information on the progress of every assignment and to offer input into where a consultant may need assistance.


We negotiate the rates depend on the level of role and the search methods employed. We outline our recruitment process to ensure you have a clear understanding of how we will find suitable candidates.

We do not undertake to advertise until all other search avenues are exhausted. We use a number of internal and external databases that are up to date and industry-specific.

Our fees include the cost of internet advertising, access to industry databases, and time invested in searching for candidates via our network of passive candidates.


When we Meet or Speak you to take details of the vacancy you want to fill, we take extensive notes and ask questions to ensure we have a full understanding of the person you require, the culture of the business or division, and the interview process within your organisation.

When speaking with candidates we ask job specific targeted questions and listen to their responses ensuring that they closely match your requirements of the role.

When carrying out reference checks, again we ask targeted questions and listen to their responses to ensure the person we have interviewed is suitable for the role.


At ASK IT Consulting, we have a "next step" approach. When meet or Speak you, we advise you what the next step will be and when we will be back in contact you. The same when we interview a candidate, we let them know what the next step is and when we will be in contact with them.

We believe that all parties should know what is happening and when they can expect to get an update.

When we commit to let you know what the next step will be, either as a client or candidate, we enter the details into our CRM system and set an alarm to ensure we DO get back to you when we say we will. We do not want you to be following us up to find out what is happening on an assignment.